Top 6 Steps to Write Impressive Content for Business Promotion

By on July 15, 2015

Content Writing

Content holds high eminence in today’s world of digital marketing, primarily spearheaded by social media. In order to appeal the masses over the major social media platform as well as a thick of other online platforms, your content needs to possess a distinct appeal. It is therefore imperative to hire experienced content writers that perform this task with great precision and help you glorify your business. However, if you are a decent writer, you may well try to come up with an impressive copy on your own. In either case, make sure that you or the writers you hire abide by the following important points.

1. Do proper research work

To write any content, appropriate research work is the foremost step. Make sure to have complete knowledge of the business niche you are about to write with the help of Google and other research modes. If you are writing for your own business, perhaps your experience will matter a lot. All you need is to transform your experience into words that could appeal your audience the best.

2. Shortlist the best resources

This step helps you to focus on your topic. Refer to the 4-5 or more links that you believe provide the most genuine and usable information about the concerned business. Go through the links repeatedly, until you grasp the initial idea to draft your copy.

3. Start writing the initial draft

Once you get hold of the settle idea about what to write, the next step is to start penning down your thoughts. Try to summarize all the things that you find could highlight your business in the positive way. Ideas about the current market trends, competitor activities and the latest technologies being used in your niche could be helpful in enabling you come up with a win-win copy.

4. Write readable, genuine and plagiarism free copy

Merely writing is not enough; albeit you need to make sure that your content is capable enough to appeal your most targeted audiences. Whether you write a web content, article, blog, business collateral, press release, a case study or any other form of digital content, originality always scores an upper hand. It is better to avoid plagiarism. Alongside, makes sure that you use simple and sensible language in the form of words, sentences, and paragraphs that could specify the intended message straightaway.

5. Get it proofread

It often happens that you are unable to find mistakes in your own copy. Hence, it is highly recommended to ask a subject matter expert, an experienced teacher, or even your friend with sound communication skills to proofread your content. This could help you find many errors that you cannot figure out your own. Just to nail it down, you can also use various online tools later on, like Grammarly, Ginger, Small SEO tools, Paperrater, etc., to check the content for grammar mistakes and originality.

6. Send or post the final draft

This is it! You are done with your content. The last thing left is to post the final draft on your website or to send the client in case you are writing it to make a living. If you are posting it yourself, apt knowledge of web based Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, etc., would be a further plus.

In the today’s era of digital marketing, quality content indeed holds a major say. Once you make sure that your content is capable enough to grasp the potential audience, you win the half of battle. Now is the test for your products or services, the more accomplished they are, the better are their chances to be hired or purchased. Best of luck!

Rishabh Sharma