Top 5 US Cities That Offer Highest Paying Sales Job

By on August 3, 2015

In the contemporary times, technology is the niche marketplace to master the best and highest paying job opportunities. And if you are keen about high paying jobs that do not need a higher degree or technological skill-set, then you must wish to consider your profession in sales. It is seen that the technology world keeps on changing and it must be certain that the employers have a clear picture of how their company and their products will advance. To continue our discussion, mentioned below are top 5 cities in the US that offer maximum job opportunities as well as highest paying sales jobs.

1. New York City, NY

New York acquires No.1 position for offering sales jobs. Presently, Apple offers more than 1,657 opportunities for business-to-business sales jobs. Of these, around 654 positions have salaries more than $80,000. Not surprisingly, being the most populated metropolitan area in the world and the main center of business activity for lot of industries, New York’s sales positions is higher than other cities.

Rishabh Sharma