Top 5 Slimmest Laptops or Ultrabooks

By on August 19, 2015

The world of laptops has always progressed towards compact and portable designs. But, there most recent yield has been thinner and slimmer as compared to the previous ones. Patrons are screeching for technology in smaller packages time and again, and the manufacturers keep launching even slimmer models every year. A slimmer laptop means a lighter weight laptop so that it can easily be slipped in a bag devoid of adding unnecessary bulk. Here, we have singled out the top 5 slimmest laptops available in the market today.

1. MacBook Air

macbook air
The shudder that started the massive tide, Apple’s MacBook Air modernized the style-quotient of easily carrying the laptop by giving people an impression of a classy gadget. MacBook Air made all the known companies scuttle back to the drawing boards with an advice to rebuild the laptop from an ordinary number-crunching piece of equipment to a gadget to long for. It was the first laptop to expel the DVD/CD Rom from laptops and in a little while everyone followed. This is the thinnest laptop that looks apart and MacBook Air actually gets it right.

Rishabh Sharma