Top 5 richest countries of the world

By on June 4, 2015

Few nations are ranked as the world’s most leading and innovative countries based on the sheer cinch of their economies. According to leading economists, only those countries can be considered as rich whose citizens are earning substantial amount of money in order to meet all their basic requirements, have the highest GDP per capita, and exhibit a high purchasing power in U.S. dollar. In addition, numerous other aspects also contribute to this fact, such as the output value, rate of employment, expenditure value, and the income value. As per surveys conducted by leading economists, this blog post reveals the top 5 richest countries in the world.

1. Qatar

Qatar is in the top-most list of richest country on this earth. The statistics reveal that it population is not more than 2 million, but it has a GDP of about $182 billion. The diversified economy of Qatar is dependent on petroleum and pearl mining, which altogether contribute to nearly 85 percent of its export income. Tourism, transportation, and banking are among the other valuable sources that generate income for the country. In order to enhance the living standards of its citizens and promote income, the ruling royal family has devised no tax strategy for the people. Furthermore, open trading policies with the USA, is yet another important factor behind the sheer richness of Qatar.

Rishabh Sharma