Top 5 Electronic Gadgets to Look for in 2015

By on April 7, 2015

Gadgets always continue to amaze the inquisitive minds the world over. More than flaunting one’s lifestyle, these sophisticated, slim, and sultry electronic machines of the modern times have become a necessity. Anticipating their vast demand and a prolific global customer base, leading gadget manufacturers keep on introducing hot stuffs every now and then. Here are listed top 5 of those exemplary devices to look for in 2015.

1. Phonesoap

The world’s only cell charger, which plays the role of sanitizer for your phone as well. As per research findings, one-sixth of the cell phones were found with bacteria that are as filthy as fecal matter. PhoneSoap cleans your cell phone from such undesirable germs while being charged. It is 100% safe and uses no chemicals or liquid that may otherwise affect your phone’s screen and functioning. Compatible with the iOS and Android charging systems, it is priced under $50.

Rishabh Sharma