Top 5 Car Racing Games for your Smartphone

By on November 1, 2016

Smartphones have turned out to be a feasible gaming alternative on the go! They are home to more or less all genres of games that one anticipates to find on comforts and any other normal gaming platform. Moving over, be it be a horror survival games or role playing game, car racing games are the favorite amongst all. They are perhaps the best to get your adrenaline hastening while sitting at your home. Here is the brief description of top 5 of the most happening car racing games for Android as well as iOS devices that you would love playing.

1. Real Racing 3

real racing 3
Introduced by Firemint, Real Racing 3 game is one of the most excellent racing games. It permits the users to get the wheel from amongst a crowd of bona fide world cars, and then takes them on roll across attractively made real-world racetracks. Not just its graphics are similar to Xbox 360 and PS3, in fact it offers the wonderful eye-catching visuals as well as levelheaded handling. If you like speeding around, then Real Racing 3 is an ideal game for you!

Rishabh Sharma