Top 5 Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

By on August 20, 2016


Small organizations need accessible and uncomplicated CRM solutions to systematize and organize customer information. This makes their tasks related to sales, customer service and marketing personnel. Few of the best CRM software permit you to do the same with improved of customer service. These tools enhance your service competence and hence the business output, to enable you effortlessly focus on your clients and their requirements. Here are some of the finest quality web based CRM packages that are available in the current times to suit your small business needs.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce, all-rounder CRM tool for small businesses is a cloud-based answer, which offers all that you require in a CRM software. Even though this particular software is usually connected with larger businesses, but it has a small business edition as well. This Salesforce version permits you to take benefit of the strong set of CRM tools at a cost effective and small-business-friendly rate. Salesforce Small Business CRM software has an easy platform and embraces chief features like contact and opportunity administration, lead generation, workflow computerization, sales forecasting and more. Though, somewhat expensive, its support is top notch and you will get complete co-operation from the competent staff for software customization as per your needs.

2. Logic Bright

The CRM software for small businesses, it is relatively a fresh CRM available in market at present. It targets SMB market and offers finest service today. The software offers one of the easiest packages for small businesses and is available at affordable rates. Its diverse packages suit your business requirement the best way and offer total support for modifying the software as per your exclusive requirements.

3. Insightly

Insightly is yet another simple and feature rich CRM software for SMBs. It possesses all the fundamental capabilities that the small businesses require, but is even exceedingly scalable as and when your business expands. In addition, it is perhaps the most reasonable CRM solutions accessible. A free version is also there which helps you to get started and the paid ones begins at a little bit of the cost of similar CRM software.

4. Sugar CRM

Another great CRM software for small businesses is Sugar CRM. In the recent years, its developers have come up with numerous classy add-ons with their package. Its open source nature allows your programmers to customize the entire package as per your specifications, if they are adequate knowledge on the same.

5. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is freely available software for small to medium businesses. However, it ceases to compromise on its standards and services, despite being free. It provides all the chief functionalities of the CRM software and allows you to bring onboard nearly 10 users with no extra charge. The tool allows you to access your data almost anywhere and anytime with the help of Zoho CRM’s mobile app. The best thing – You do not even need to pay for the plan.

Only few CRM software offer complete packet as open source. If you want the same, you can call for the on-site engineer of these CRM service providers to help you train your programmers. They will also train your coders on how to customize the system as per the requirements of the company.

Rishabh Sharma