What today’s girl look in her partner?

By on June 23, 2017

Love and family hold a special place in our lives, and we end up spending lot of time in finding that special one. Every girl looks out for her knight shining armor with whom she can spend her entire life. Nowadays, women have become smarter, and they look out for several things in their life partner. It’s more than expensive cars and lifestyle. So, if you want to impress your lady luck, you have to adapt these qualities else, someone will take her heart. These tips will help you to appear more attractive in the eyes of your love.


1. Maturity:

When girls think about long-term commitment, she is probably looking for a guy who is responsible and capable of taking important decisions. Boyish looks and attitude were good until she was 18, but after that, she seeks for commitment and sensibility. Now she wants something more than entertainment. Girls get attracted to mature men who are not older but who can overcome obstacles in her life.

2. Decisiveness:

Today’s women are independent and live on their own terms, but still they want someone who can take concrete decisions and counter difficult situations. Women love to be supporters. Moreover, you should be aware of your future as this makes you appear devoted to her and your family.


These days men think they can attract girls with their physical strength and they tend to ignore the mental aspect. However, women like men who are capable of leading the conversation further with his witty nature and intellect. She looks for a man who is fun to be around and can explain her certain things.


It is said that while choosing a partner one should not put the whole emphasis on looks. However, it is important to maintain good looks. Men you should take care of your haircut, facial hair, maintain hygiene and wear impressive good-looking clothes. Well, the sign of true gentlemen is his shoes and shoes says a lot about you, so try to keep them as clean as possible.


Good mannerisms and loyalty attract girls. You should be able to communicate with people politely and respectively. Remember that girl notices how you interact with others as she assumes that you will communicate in the same way with her after marriage. Therefore, be very cautious while interacting with others.


The job is quite necessary in the today’s world. However, modern girls are capable enough to carry their expenses, but they look for a partner who has a developed career and remarkable job. Good designation is the sign of both confidence and assertiveness. It does not matter whether you work by yourself or you work in an organization, but you should be capable and at par with her when it comes to finances.
Try to adapt all these things and be girl’s favorite. If you want to share, other tips for potential bachelors do share with us.

She is an author at askebuddy. She holds a master degree in journalism. Creativity is her forte, she is always in search of new things, and she is a free spirit.

Kanchan Wadhawan

She is an author at askebuddy. She holds a master degree in journalism. Creativity is her forte, she is always in search of new things, and she is a free spirit.