Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions mentioned here will direct your access to the website and its use. Therefore, before you proceed with using this website, please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. These terms cover everything related to Askebuddy.com such as RSS feeds, emails and videos.

By reading these terms and conditions, you agree to the same.

1. Content

Each article on Askebuddy.com is original and safeguarded under the pertinent copyrights and any proprietary rights. The articles are Askebuddy’s intellectual property.

2. Accuracy

Askebuddy.com is a blog providing articles of all genres such as entertainment, business, lifestyle, relationships, tech, travel, food and wellness. Any information provided on the blog may contain some errors. The Site does not hold responsibility for the correctness or accuracy of any such content. You accept that any such information may contain errors and we are not liable for the same.

3. Content Usage

Askebuddy permits to use its original content for non-commercial reproduction; provided you give credit to this website by displaying the website link and logo. During this procedure, Askebuddy does not permit you to mention that this Website sponsored you. The rights given to you must in no case affect your fair use rights or any other copyright restrictions.

This excludes any right to republish Askebuddy’s pictures. Askebuddy.com may not be patent holder, except in terms of the website’s screenshot.

Any kind of copying, broadcasting, rewriting for publication, modification, rearrangement or use of the Site content in some other form, including any ad removal or modification, except for the rights granted to you, is prohibited under all circumstances.

Also, the content should not be used on sites promoting hate, pornography, or racism.

4. RSS Feeds

You may find an RSS feed for this website. If you use the same anywhere, Askebuddy does not permit you to alter or modify it, even if it means removal of an ad or its modification. This site may cease its RSS feed distribution or alter formatting without any prior notice.

5. Print

Askebuddy permits a screenshot reproduction in print form, provided the Site’s URL, logo and name is displayed along with it. However, the Site does not allow using AskeBuddy images. Any adult content or other illegal content shall in no case be promoted in print medium.

6. Terms

Askebuddy.com provides its content on “as is” basis, i.e. you may use the content or information or anything else at your own discretion. Nevertheless, this Site will not be liable for any complaints about images or content used by you on your site or in print.

In any case, Askebuddy has no connection with any brand, celebrity or any other thing contained by the Site. The articles are opinion-based or fact-based. Thus, you accept that Askebuddy.com shall not hold any responsibility for any incorrect information.

Askebuddy’s images are properties of their respective owners. In case you find any image as offensive, kindly email us at …. for getting it removed.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

We at Askebuddy have a policy for receiving a claimed copyright infringement in written to process the same in compliance with appropriate law. If at any time you find some service of Askebuddy violating your copyright, you may send us a notice at our email of the claim of copyright violation.

The written notice sent by you must comprise:

(a) your physical or electronic signature
(b) provide related detail of allegedly violating material for us to identify the same
(c) provide your personal information (such as phone number, email address or postal address) for us to reach you
(d) a statement saying that you have strong belief that the copyrighted material is being infringed and does not belong to the copyright owner or have authorization by the law.
(e) a statement saying that your information is accurate and correct to your knowledge
(f) a statement that you are responsible for acting for the copyright owner. This statement will be under penalty of perjury.

8. Intellectual Property

The name of this website i.e. AskeBuddy and the logo of this site comprise trademarks, logos and trade names that belong to AskeBuddy. No user is authorized to use any of these Marks.


AskeBuddy allows its users to leave comments or have a word on the website content. While posting comments, you agree that:

a. You will post comments unless the content is not offending or racist or illegal or defamatory and adheres to the Terms mentioned here.
b. The content should not infest the privacy of anyone or violate the intellectual property rights of anyone.
c. The content or information you share will be genuine and true.
d. You will be solely responsible for your statement’s content. The website will not take guarantee for accuracy or reliability of the content.
e. This Site will not be liable for any personal information posted by you in your comment.
f. The content in your comments shall not attack anyone or insult or defame anyone which may expose you to face an appropriate legal action.
g. Askebuddy.com may suppress any content on this website at its own discretion at any time. It is very well understood that there is no obligation for this website to review all comments or postings.

10. Web Scraping

Framing, scraping or collection of content from this website in any way is completely banned. Copying of the content is also not allowed by any means.

11. Modification of Terms

AskeBuddy reserves all rights to modify or change the Terms and Conditions for use of the website at any time. Any non-material transformations may come into effect at an immediate basis. The material changes may be applicable 30 days once they get posted. If you continue to use the website, you will be deemed to agree with the new or modified Terms and Conditions.

12. Privacy and Confidentiality

Askebuddy protects the user information and makes sure not to disclose the same for any purpose except for offering services. However, the privacy of information online is not guaranteed by Askebuddy. In case, your confidential information is displayed, you must hold responsibility for the same.