Pros and cons of using social media in business:

By on August 18, 2017

Social media has transformed the way we communicate, interact, get updates and do business these days. Nowadays, social media is not only restricted to Facebook, but it has extended its reach to many other portals such as Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, google+, Pinterest and much more. Social media has proved to be the game changer in the world of business, and it has paved a new way where all small businesses can launch their advertising campaigns.

Facebook serves as a great launching platform for a new business owner. There are many benefits of using social media for your business, but every good side has some downside. Below we have highlighted few advantages and disadvantages of using social media, and this will let to decide on whether you should consider using social networks for your business or not.


• With social media, your business gets great exposure, and you can reach out to many potential customers and clients.
• You don’t have to spend a huge amount for an advertising campaign on social media, and you can stand equal with even the largest enterprises and corporation by running a successful advertising campaign. You can reach hundreds and thousands of clients all over the world with a click of a button.
• It is excellent for small firms and startups that are looking for exposure in less money.
• You can set up various social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. free. Facebook can be used as a promotional tool, which allows you to spend small amount of money, and you can reach many people and show
• It is the best way to target potential clients and customers to specific locations and interests.
The best thing about promoting your business on Facebook is that promotional ads can target specific potential customers along with audiences. However, with other advertising campaigns, it is difficult to reach specific audiences, and you have to pay more to increase your reach. With social media, your customers can provide immediate feedback on your company or product. If your customer is satisfied, then he/she can also share a link to your company’s page, and this makes you noticeable among other users. Good potential customers and can earn you hundreds and thousands of leads.


• Along with the exposure of your brand, it can also cause potential damage to your brand image. As we know social media works on how people interact with your campaign and your product. They can give their verdict any time, and if you can provide great product and services to your customers then it is good as you will get the good “mouth of words.” However, things turn when few customers are not satisfied with your services, and they end up giving negative feedback. These comments will come across your Facebook page as well as in Twitter feed, and negative comments can cost your business a lot.
• Well, every business whether it is small or big is in social media so, prepare yourself to face a good competition. Most companies employ the same platform for their advertisement so you can be  drowned if you are advertising, offering the similar product. To get ahead in the race of social media, you have to brainstorm and come up with the innovative idea to emerge as a potential business,

Social media marketing let you build a good relationship between the businesses and consumers. These days, it is the most important if you want to make your presence felt. Moreover, one should use social networking with caution and avoid any damages to the growing business.

She is an author at askebuddy. She holds a master degree in journalism. Creativity is her forte, she is always in search of new things, and she is a free spirit.

Kanchan Wadhawan

She is an author at askebuddy. She holds a master degree in journalism. Creativity is her forte, she is always in search of new things, and she is a free spirit.