Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of comprises the policies and procedures of the website with your information use and disclosure and the content and features we provide on the Site. AskeBuddy is committed to protecting your privacy online. The purpose of Askebuddy is to collect user information in order to improve their experience while they navigate the Site. All the information related to different users is accumulated and used to create content that interests users and enhances the Site. Other than the information you provide on the Site or without your permission or unless law demands it, will not expose your personal information to a third party at any time. Powered by Allengers Infotech, treats your personal information in the following manner while allowing you to use the Site completely.

What is covered by this Privacy Policy?

How your personally identifiable information and any other information mentioned in this policy collected while you use the Site is treated is covered by this Privacy Policy. Also, how the information we share with our business partners or vice-versa is treated is covered under this policy.

We do not own any activity of any third party, which may include a third party website, but is not limited to it. Thus, you may access a third party through this Site, but this Privacy Policy does not hold any meaning to third party practices. The policy also does not pertain to any individual who is not managed or controlled by AskeBuddy.

AskeBuddy may provide access to a third party service which shares respect for the privacy of the Site, but will not be liable for any content, privacy, or practice of that third party. Therefore, the Site suggests you to cautiously go through their privacy policy before you access their service.

Gathering of Information

The information collected by AskeBuddy allows the Site to personalize or improve the services. Concerning some aspects of these services, AskeBuddy may, at any time, request, share, or collect your personal information for its use or display in part.

Account Information:

If you access the AskeBuddy Site through your Facebook or Twitter or Google+ account, and “Like” or “Share” a post, certain information related to you may be collected automatically by AskeBuddy, including your name, email address or picture. However, this information will be used in compliance with the policies and procedures of the social media website you are accessing our Site through. AskeBuddy may use the collected information to contact you and send any information related to our Site, if it is considered important. AskeBuddy reserves the right to contact you at any time necessary, be it for Account recovery or other purposes.

User Content:

A few features of AskeBuddy like written comments permit you to enter content to the Site. Any such content may be retained by AskeBuddy ad infinitum. This content may be disclosed to any third party.

Automatically Collected Information:

When you interact with, information from your web browser or device, including your IP address or your ID, may automatically be collected. We may use this information for combating spam or to personalize and enhance our content or the Site.

The collected data or information may be used together by us or an authorized third party to discern how individuals use part or whole of the Site. This will allow us to improve our services.

We may collect your online activity information while you navigate this Site or a third party website authorized by us.


Your computer may provide some text pieces called cookies when you use this Site using your web browser. Every website you navigate has its own manner to let your browser store cookies. The cookies stored by AskeBuddy enable the servers of the Site to identify your web browser and let us know how the Site was used by you. Cookies let us know when you share the Site content or use our Services.

The cookies may also be used by us to identify the device or social media account or email used by you to access the Site or share the content.

Your browser, like many others, may have an option that allows you to deactivate the cookie feature. This helps the browser avoid any new cookies and notify you before accepting any new cookie. However, it is suggested that you keep the cookies active to enjoy all the attractive features of AskeBuddy.

This policy does not hold true to use of the cookies by any third party. AskeBuddy will not hold responsible for use of any cookies by any third party on your device.

Advertising and other Content:

We may give out advertisements in order to improve our Site while allowing third parties to advertise through the Site. Sometimes, these ads may be targeted at some particular users or may belong to third parties such as ‘ad networks’, be it an ad server, or an ad agency.

While you visit this Site, part of your information may be collected by these ad networks or other third parties about any of your online activities. We will not hold responsible for any privacy practice of any third party.

The advertisements we serve may target particular users depending upon the information they provide or on their Site usage patterns or on their Third Party service usage. Your personal information is protected by us unless otherwise demanded for use in concern with this Site.

Aggregate Information:

Statistical information related to use of the Site by users is collected by AskeBuddy.

Information Sharing

AskeBuddy has been designed and developed to allow you get and share information. Thus, part of any information may be shared by us in public.

Public Information:

Be it on the Site, or through the Site, some of your activities may automatically go public. Though, it’s not limited to it, it may comprise the content you post or share on the Site in the form of comments.

We may collect any information about users of the Site through cookies or any other automated information collection means.

IP Address Information:

We may collect your IP address information, though it will not be made public in any case, unless otherwise mentioned in this policy, or needed by our service providers or partners.

Information You Elect to Share:

Through the site of AskeBuddy, you may be able to access any third party service through any links provided by the services. We do not hold responsibility for any third party practices. However, you will hold liable for going through any privacy policies of these third parties. will solely be responsible for the information it collects in relation with the Site content.

Aggregate Information:

Complete information about users is shared by us with our service providers or partners. The statistical data collected by us is shared to make our partners understand how and when our Site and their services or Sites are used. This lets us and our partners to improve our services and websites and make them more user-friendly. Any information collected about you by a third party may be shared by them with us.

Information we share with Service Providers:

We employ varied individuals and enter into contract with our service providers. These individuals perform some particular activities on our behalf. We may share some of your personally identifiable data with our service providers, but do not allow them to use it beyond where it is needed for our assistance.

Information Disclosed for Protection:

AskeBuddy reserves any right to access, go through, store and disclose any user-related information at any time if it finds it reasonable to

  • satisfy a particular applicable law or regulation or governmental request
  • implement its Terms of Service
  • safeguard its rights or property or users
  • respond to support requests of users
  • detect or avoid any fraud or technical issues
Information shared with your approval:

Beyond what is mentioned above, AskeBuddy may share your personal information with any third party after your approval. The Site will send you a notification about this sharing and you may notify us in case you do not want to share the information.

Security of Information

AskeBuddy retains all your information such as your IP address using different means to secure the information. However, we do not guarantee if these means would prevent any kind of unauthorized access to your information.

What information is accessible to users?

Users have the right to activate or turn off cookies using their web browser settings.

How users can make choices regarding their information?

This privacy policy of AskeBuddy describes the privacy choices for users while they use the Site, which may comprise those related to cookies, targeted advertising, and information sharing by the Site.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

AskeBuddy reserves the right to make any changes in this Privacy Policy at any time. Information collected at this time will be used according to the Privacy Policy running at the time when this information is used. In case any changes are introduced in the way AskeBuddy collects user information, the Site will notify you about the same through an announcement online or through an email. While you continue to use the Site, you will agree to any changes made to the Privacy Policy once these are posted to the Site.

What if I have a Query?

Should you have any query or concern regarding the privacy policy of AskeBuddy, you can send us an email at