How to overcome loneliness

By on January 23, 2015

Are You Feeling Alone

Being alone can either be an outcome of your circumstances or it could be the sheer personal choice. Loneliness doesn’t imply that you are devoid of people around you; instead it is a state of mind when you feel lonesome even when you are surrounded by people.

Difference between loneliness and solitude

There is a marked difference in these two frames of mind. Loneliness surfaces when you don’t feel happy to be alone. On the other hand, solitude is that state of mind when you feel good and happy to be alone. Loneliness transpire out of frustration and leads to depression while solitude emerges out of contentment and leads to the attainment of peace of mind. Loneliness is when some personal or social factors push you into a corner; whereas in solitude you are happy with yourself and withdraw yourself in a cocoon.

Why loneliness enters to cohabit with you

Loneliness happens when you feel that you are in mental isolation rather than the physical isolation. Sometimes you feel that you are cut off from the world or as if others are neglecting you. This creates some negative images in your mind. You tend to feel that you are unwanted and unworthy of love. This may crop out of certain personal misunderstandings, but you start taking a bad view about yourself. It affects them the most that are weak-minded. The strong-willed people don’t let the state of isolation to weaken their spirits. In loneliness you feel alone even when you are surrounded by other people. Lack of understanding and coordination with other people creates a vacuum in your mind and thoughts. You want to be with others, but find yourself unable to do that.

How it affects your health

The feeling of loneliness gives way to the sentiment of emptiness in you. It adversely affects your health too. It increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases as it increases the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It causes our immune system to function disorderly paving way for many diseases to attack us. Such people are prone to the frequent attacks of seasonal flu. It may also lead to poor decision making and memory loss. It can give rise to the anti-social behavioral patterns in the individual. Alcoholism and drug abuse are its byproducts. It also props up the suicidal tendencies in people.

Dos and don’ts during this stage

Drive yourself away from the social media if you are feeling alone because you may put some posts that reflect your state of mind. It will make you appear weak. Don’t depend on others. Instead, make yourself your best friend and converse with yourself. You may also get involved in productive activities like reading, writing, watching movie, gardening, playing with your pet or pursuing a hobby.

How to prevail over this syndrome

You have got this precious life as a gift from God. Why squander it because of the indifferent attitude of other people. Firstly, accept that no two people are alike. Differences of opinion and misunderstandings are bound to happen in dealing with others. In the process if other people start neglecting you, don’t feel disheartened or at least don’t show it on their face. The world suppresses the weak and salutes the brave. Accept your fault, if you have committed, and rectify your mistakes. After that don’t give a damn to what others think or say. Involve yourself in the activities that soothe your mind. Make virtue out of vice. Turn this feeling of loneliness into the higher emotion of solitude. Develop your strengths and enjoy your life. Once you start taking care of yourself, you won’t need the clutches of others to stand up.

She is an author at askebuddy. She holds a master degree in journalism. Creativity is her forte, she is always in search of new things, and she is a free spirit.

Kanchan Wadhawan

She is an author at askebuddy. She holds a master degree in journalism. Creativity is her forte, she is always in search of new things, and she is a free spirit.