How to achieve work-life balance

By on March 31, 2017

Work –life balance is a term, which means dividing our time between work and family or any other leisure activities. However, to achieve this balance seems like an impossible task. Nevertheless, of your busy schedule taking some time for you become crucial otherwise, your health gets hampered. We are running at the pace of technology and ignoring ourselves completely to generate more work and make more money.

It becomes more difficult for women as they have to take care of their house and their family along with their work. It becomes difficult to prioritize between the work and your personal life. The long working hours increases the stress rate, hampers the relationships and happiness of the individual. Sometimes they are not even able to concentrate on their work thoroughly, and this affects their performance as well. Therefore, to live a happy life you need to adopt several things to balance your life at work and family, as both are equally important. Here we will share some tips, which will help in finding the balance between the two:


You have to set your priorities right. Clear up your mind and then and start asking yourself what is important to you in life and then differentiate between your first, second, third and fourth priorities.

2.Track your time:

It is important to track your time and figure out the things you do that do not matter to you. Now, simply eliminate these things from your life.

3.Concentrate on one thing at a time:

Some people think that multi-tasking is the best way to get out of such situations. However, one should avoid this as it is not possible to focus simultaneously on two things. Therefore, when you are working concentrate on that task and when you are with the family complete focus on it.

4.Spare some time for yourself:

It’s important to spare some time for yourself so go out with a friend or pamper yourself with a massage on the weekend. Take an hour out of your busy schedule for yourself and read a book or take a walk.

5.Take a look at your personal habits and general lifestyle:

It is important to eat healthy so you should watch your eating habits and if you are working for long hours without many breaks, you need to have a good sleep .If you are not taking proper rest, then things start becoming complicated in terms of health.


To recharge your batteries, you need to take a vacation of almost two weeks every year. You don’t have to travel miles just go to the nearest place or spare some time with your family without any distractions such as computers and phones.

7.Hire a mentor:

If you are not able to calculate your daily schedule, then hire a mentor who will guide you about different ways to achieve work-life balance.

8.Get plenty of exercises:

Take some out for exercising as this relieves stress, clears your mind and revitalizes you. You will notice that you will happily greet your family and colleagues with great energy.

9.Set boundaries:

Draw some line between your work and personal life and don’t be hesitant to set boundaries and turn off your phone and inform your workplace not to disturb you unless it’s an emergency.

10.Learn to say “no:”

Stop pleasing people and learn to say no to things that don’t fit your schedule.

11.Evaluate your work-life balance on a regular basis:

To achieve a good level of balance, you need to evaluate your life every month and keep a check on your current balance and plan ahead for the achieving your desired balance.

To sustain both professionally and personally work-life balance is the eminent thing and one has to strive hard and change several things to maintain the equilibrium. When you follow these tips, then you be able to put your life back on track.

She is an author at askebuddy. She holds a master degree in journalism. Creativity is her forte, she is always in search of new things, and she is a free spirit.

Kanchan Wadhawan

She is an author at askebuddy. She holds a master degree in journalism. Creativity is her forte, she is always in search of new things, and she is a free spirit.