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  • 5 things you can tell by someone’s first look

    5 things you can tell at someones first look

    “Never judge a book by its cover” is a popular saying, and true too. But, you can always judge people by their face (their cover), say researchers. Why? Since, in some cases, appearances speak for things.

    However, this judgment does not guarantee 100% accuracy. But, science says so.

    The …

  • 7 yoga poses for a better sleep

    Yearning for a more relaxing slumber during night? Trying different yoga poses can aid you fulfill this small desire of yours while solving a problem that most of the population faces very commonly. You must be aware that only a calm and peaceful mind can let you have a sound …

  • 5 yoga asanas during office time

    You must have found yourself and many of your colleagues in office yawning after lunch or feeling exhausted. This is not just an outcome of working for too long or more than your body’s capacity but of restlessness and continuous sitting in your office. Overall, the stress outshines the coffee …

  • 25 holy lessons from Khalil Gibran

    25 Holy Lessons From Khalil Gibran

    Khalil Gibran, an eminent Lebanese writer, artist and philosopher has left for you his 25 holy lessons that can change your lives forever in one of his most loved publication named “The Prophet”; a book containing prose, poetry and essays.

    1. “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls;

  • 4 reasons why you must meditate

    4 Reasons Why You Must Meditate

    Sitting on the floor with your eyes closed for a few minutes and concentrating on one thing, which we call meditation; thinking how does that help your mind or body?

    Remaining engaged with the worldly fascinations and not letting your mind and body relax even for a while can …

  • 3 yogic ways to lessen pain

    3 Yogic Ways To Lessen Pain

    The modern world believes in the saying that one must go beyond his limitations in order to achieve something exceptional. Be it a yoga class or some fitness session, any expert or instructor will only tell you to push beyond your limits. Most of us would even have tried …

  • 2 ways of spies that boost mental strength


    If you believe that convincing and training your brain on your own is really a tough job. Why not try consulting a spy?

    If the risks according to you are high, one group of people is always ready and that is FBI Special Agents. The special agents are specially …