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  • 5 healthy habits for quick weight loss

    Fit young woman fighting off fast food


    Many people remain overweight in spite of dieting strictly and exercising regularly. While there may be numerous reasons for this problem, one major cause is unhealthy eating habits.

    It has been found out that numerous people skip healthy eating habits and then end up complaining about increasing weight instead …

  • 5 benefits of water aerobics

    5 Benefits of Water Aerobics


    Water aerobics, also referred to as aquatic exercise, can be done by people of all ages and is helpful in providing a brilliant workout, focusing on all the muscle groups of the body.

    There are diverse kinds of water aerobics like deep water aerobics and shallow water aerobics. Shallow …

  • 20 wonderful benefits of eating bananas

    20 Wonderful Benefits Of Eating Bananas


    Some of you don’t like bananas for some reason or the other. But this article will make you think over it again. The number of benefits a banana offers to you is countless, which is a pretty good reason in itself to add this fruit to your diet. From …

  • 12 signs you are out of shape

    12 Signs You Are Going Out Of Shape


    “Health is wealth” is an age-old adage that we all have been hearing since childhood. Most of us are well-versed with the fact that our body is the only place we have to live in. We equally know that we do not make many efforts to keep ourselves in …

  • 8 reasons why you should consume blueberries

    8 Reasons Why You Should Consume Blueberries


    Various industry studies say that organic foods provide equal nutrition as conventional foods do. But, these results are controversial. When it comes to blueberries, organic blueberries are much more nutritional as compared to conventional berries.

    According to a research, organic blueberries contained higher phenol antioxidant and anthocyanin antioxidant concentrations …

  • 2 good books on food habits

    Brian Wansink, John Dyson Professor of Consumer Behavior at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY and Food and Brand Lab Director, with his colleagues conducted varied studies and reached the conclusion that people eat what they see. The studies aimed at finding the link between human nature and their eating atmosphere.


  • 8 benefits of cycling

    8 Benefits of Cycling


    In order to keep fit, you have to engage yourself in some sort of physical activity. It could be physical exercises, practicing yoga or going to the gym. These all bear good fruit in your health. But there is one aspect which is slightly overlooked. This low impact exercise …