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  • Coconut oil can help in losing weight

    Steady blood sugar levels can help a lot in losing weight. Moreover, to maintain that required blood sugar level you need to draw some line between the junk foods. Therefore, what do you think you need to do to lose some weight, a strict diet, and exercise. Well, what if …

  • How crystal therapy can help you?

    What is Crystal Therapy?

    crystal-healing final

    Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system, which involves the placing of crystals on the body to remove negative energy and promote healing. This medicine therapy is getting popular among the people due to its magnificent and effective results. Crystals have been said to possess …

  • 5 Foods that can boost your immunity

    Our changing lifestyle and hectic schedules have made us vulnerable and we often tend to fall sick easily. At times, we feel all drained out and might experience headache and severe pain then what we do, pop up some pill and go on. However, the painkillers and other medicines have …

  • Try these 5 tips if Insomnia is killing you

    Changing lifestyle has affected our sleeping patterns, as we tend to sleep late at night. Insomnia has become one of the most popular problems these days. Sometimes, we just toss and turn, still we are not able to have a sound sleep. To earn good sleep we have to tune …

  • 3 tips to best manage your energy

    3 Tips To Best Manage Your Energy

    For the many years that you could remember, you are being constantly told to learn the skill of time management. But, are you still not able to manage your time and are failing to make it for your friends and family? Then, it’s definitely a matter of concern for …

  • Benefits of chanting “Om”

    The Power of Aum

    “Bhutam Bhavad Bhavishyad Iti Sarvam Omkara Eva”-Mandukyopanishad.

    It means, “What has happened before, what is now and what will be later; everything is just Aum”.
    In the Bhagwad Geeta, Lord Krishna says, “Among words, I am the monosyllable Aum”.

    Origin of Aum

    The sound of Aum has not been …

  • Testosterone: The key to male well-being

    Testosterone The Key to Manliness

    It is said that every male has a fragment of woman inside him while every woman has a slice of manliness in her. Whoever said that might have two hormones in mind- testosterone and estrogen. Estrogens are primary female sex hormones and are important for their menstrual and estrous …