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  • Meet 7 Women Cabinet Ministers of Modi’s Government

    The council of Ministers in Prime Minister Modi’s cabinet includes a roster of talented females. Inclusion of these powerful ladies in the Union cabinet has altogether set a new example for women empowerment in India. Let’s take a look at all the seven member of this league of extraordinary women.…

  • Top 5 Young and Famous Indian Politicians

    It has turned out to be a necessity for young minds of India to enter into active politics. Disappointed with the underperformed and age-old faces that cease to leave the country’s political arena, people prefer to confide in the young faces. The citizens of India expect these fresh bloods to …

  • Mufti Takes Oath as J & K’s New CM, Ends 49-day Political Suspense



    After 49 days of speculations and calculations, the political equation in Jammu and Kashmir has been finally solved with Mufti Mohammad Sayeed swearing in as the state’s 12th Chief Minister. The event that took place on Sunday, March 1, 2015 witnessed the actualization of a historical tie between Peoples …

  • The importance of being Rahul Gandhi



    William Shakespeare described people, who are perceived great, in three categories when he quoted, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”.

    Probably, he knew the future and had Rahul Gandhi in mind, when he described the third set of folks. Hardly ever …

  • Swiss Leaks List Unveils Accounts worth 25,420 Crore from Indian Clients

    Swiss Leaks List Unveils Accounts worth 25,420 Crore from Indian Clients - edited


    In a move that could be termed as a stepping stone in getting hold of tax evaders, Indian Express has revealed a secret list of account holders from HSBC’s Swiss branch. Known as Swiss Leaks, this revelation comprises names of customers from more than 200 countries and their account …

  • Modi-Obama talks wind up with a revolutionary nuclear deal



    On Sunday, India and the US announced a momentous nuclear revolution, which was long being deferred between the two largest democracies of the world due to an impasse.

    It has been six years when the two countries agreed upon the bilateral deal. According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India …

  • 10 things BJP should do to benefit India

    10 Things BJP Should Do To Benefit India


    “Achche Din” i.e. good days are the one dream or expectation people are looking for since May 16 when BJP led by Narendra Modi stormed to power at the Centre with a thumping mandate. It was after thirty years that a single party got a majority on its own. …