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  • 10 most weird places in the world

    Be it heaven or hell, both will be experienced on this planet only while you are alive. Don’t you believe? Get to know about these 10 weird places in the world and then decide if it would be something less than hell.

    1. ‘Door to Hell’, Turkmenistan

    10 Most Weird Places In The World - 1
    Door to …

  • 10 most livable cities in the world

    A livability survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit focused on determining the cities that “provide the best or worst living conditions” across the world. A highly populated city would not appeal any of us or hardly would it make people want to live there. The survey came up with …

  • 10 top economies of the world by 2030

    10 Top Economies of the World By 2030

    The economic scenario of the world is changing with each passing day. The new economies are on the rise while the giants of yesterday are pale in comparison. Major studies indicate that while the economies of highly developed nations won’t stop growing, they may be overshadowed by the performance …

  • 10 most corrupt countries in the world

    10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

    Corruption is prevalent in all the governments. Some heads of the governments may be honest, but others in the government may not be like them. There are many anti-corruption measures in place, but the black economy is rising by the day. The following are the ten most corrupt countries …

  • 10 Most Iconic Bookstores Of The World

    There’s no doubt that with the introduction of various new mobile technologies over the years, people have largely shifted to eBooks, tablets and smartphones for fetching any kind of latest or old information. Books in their traditional printed form are least preferred by people even for fulfilling their hobby of …

  • 10 Tallest Buildings In The World

    Skyscrapers seem to be burgeoning like mushrooms nowadays. Tall buildings certainly are a privilege to the modern society and numerous mid and large cities across the globe possess a few remarkable skyscrapers. Check out the buildings having their heads in the clouds.

    1. Burj Khalifa


    Image source:

    The world’s …

  • 10 Most Unusual Buildings Around The World

    When it comes to creativity, there is no end to it. From kids’ craft work to an architect’s building design, everything can include creativity and innovation in its entirety. Today, we will discuss some major examples of thinking-different-outcomes, a list of ten of the most unusual buildings around the world …