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  • Top 5 richest countries of the world

    Few nations are ranked as the world’s most leading and innovative countries based on the sheer cinch of their economies. According to leading economists, only those countries can be considered as rich whose citizens are earning substantial amount of money in order to meet all their basic requirements, have the …

  • 10 famous Malaysian islands

    Situated in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is known for its exotic islands that feature amazing beaches, rainforests and varied cultures. A huge number of these islands have become famous diving destinations because of their crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs. Though, the Malaysian islands are not only about diving and …

  • 5 unique hotels around the world

    While you schedule your next trip, it may be a good thought to stay at one of the most distinctive hotels across the globe. You could sleep encircled by ice,

    1. Berggasthaus Aescher Hotel

    5 Amazing Hotels - 1
    Regarded as having the best view in Central Switzerland, the Berggasthaus Aescher Hotel is 170 …

  • 5 top shopping destinations in the world

    For the die-hard shoppers, many cities offer handful of options. So, where are the best shopping destinations around the world? Here’s our guide to the top five ultimate shopping paradises:

    1. Hong Kong

    5 Top Shopping Destinations in the World - 1,_Hong_Kong
    Hong Kong is all about lavishness, convenience and elite commodities. The city has experienced a bang …

  • 5 most rewarding elephant interactions in Thailand

    Thailand’s elephants are a source of attraction for many people on Earth. And a visit to Thailand to ride on these elephants is on the bucket list of many others. But some animal welfare experts say that tourism of this kind is on shaky ground and, in fact, unsafe for …

  • 5 magnificent passes of Nepal

    Among the many choices of travel across the world, there are 5 passes in Nepal which are completely worth visiting. Though, these must be nothing new or extraordinary for the localities’ as it is almost their daily job. These people have to go from one valley to another and the …

  • 10 perfect places for vacation in India

    Bored of your daily routine and have nothing to do on your weekend or week off? Bring a change in your plans and try out one of these 10 destinations to chill yourself out. Well! India has pretty much to offer to you for any situation or mood.

    1. Varkala,