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  • 6 tips to remain fit during pregnancy

    6 Tips to Remain Fit During Pregnancy

    Is this the first time you have got pregnant? If yes, then it is all the more special for you and you have to ensure that you stay fit and healthy all through your pregnancy to give your best in terms of food and care to the little angel …

  • 5 ways to avoid cesarean delivery

    5 Ways to Avoid Cesarean Delivery

    Recognize the true risks associated with cesarean section: With a national cesarean rate of almost 34%, it would be simple to suppose that surgical delivery of a baby is an easy task. While the surgical procedure has been perfected in the recent years, Cesarean delivery is not a gentle …

  • 5 morning rituals busy mums should try

    Mums have always been seen forgetting themselves amid the process of raising their kids. They keep taking their children’s tantrums and pampering them, and this hustle and bustle doesn’t let them think of their own selves.
    The Golden Rule: Rise early in the morning.

    Mornings are fresh and allow you …

  • Children don’t listen to you, they observe you

    Children Don’t Listen To You, They Observe You

    A child is the father of the man; as the famous saying goes. But the child forgets this adage when he becomes the father. Parenting is a very delicate and mature responsibility. It is not like any other routine chore that can be taken unconscientiously or which can be …

  • 5 things which hurt parents

    5 Things That May Hurt Your Parents

    “The best thing in this world is to see your parents smiling and the second best thing is to know that you are the reason behind that smile”.

    Parents are the greatest treasure on earth. They are not obtained; they are gifted to you by the God. You grow …

  • 4 Ways To Deal With Children In Trauma

    Whether you are a parent, foster parent or a teacher or even a therapist; if you spend most of your time with kids, you have to learn ways to deal with disturbed or agonized children.


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    1. Understand the difference between feelings and behaviors

    Children don’t know how …

  • How To Treat Your Teen Kids

    Your kids must have been arguing with you over different matters ever since they have entered the age of adolescence. Your time was different from theirs time, which naturally brings difference of opinions. This is termed Generation Gap.

    What is Generation Gap? When you were young, did you not find …