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  • This is how you can spend your Valentines

    Well, Valentine’s is the day when lovers express their feeling to the one they love. We don’t need any special day to express our love but Valentine’s day is the day which is specially dedicated to love. On Valentine’s you can express your love to your partner, the person you …

  • 8 habits of unhappy people

    8 Habits of Unhappy People

    Happiness and sadness are the part and parcel of human life. Our lives would have become monotonous without seeing these two sides of the coin of existence. All human beings are not alike and so does is their state of mind. Some people live in high spirits while others …

  • 7 tips to build trust in relationships

    7 Tips to Build Trust in Relationships

    “You may not trust the person you love, but you will definitely love the person you trust”.

    Trust is the backbone of any relationship. When trust crumbles, the relationship falls flat in entirety. Trust is in any relationship what the soul is to the body. It takes ages to …

  • 6 myths about men

    6 Myths about Men

    Men get bad smack as unemotional, self-serving, unsteady and solely sex-driven species. It is assumed that they are unhappy to commit and take no time to break anyone’s heart. Theories like ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ propagating the view that they are less human than …

  • Children don’t listen to you, they observe you

    Children Don’t Listen To You, They Observe You

    A child is the father of the man; as the famous saying goes. But the child forgets this adage when he becomes the father. Parenting is a very delicate and mature responsibility. It is not like any other routine chore that can be taken unconscientiously or which can be …

  • 5 things which hurt parents

    5 Things That May Hurt Your Parents

    “The best thing in this world is to see your parents smiling and the second best thing is to know that you are the reason behind that smile”.

    Parents are the greatest treasure on earth. They are not obtained; they are gifted to you by the God. You grow …

  • 4 Ways To Deal With Children In Trauma

    Whether you are a parent, foster parent or a teacher or even a therapist; if you spend most of your time with kids, you have to learn ways to deal with disturbed or agonized children.


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    1. Understand the difference between feelings and behaviors

    Children don’t know how …