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  • 8 reasons why you’re probably not able to find love

    8 reasons why you're probably not able to find love

    If you are a woman highly successful in life, you know how intimidating the journey to find a suitable partner can be, let alone find true love. There’s nothing wrong in dating people, but it can be pretty much difficult to see whether a relationship is fulfilling enough or …

  • 5 Things To Know About Egg Freezing Procedure

    10 Things To Know About Egg Freezing

    Women these days are more receptive to the egg freezing medical technology, a procedure that let’s them to be sure of their fertility even at later age. There can be many reasons why you may consider having your eggs frozen. For instance, you can take control of your biological …

  • 7 Practical Ways To Strengthen Relationship

    strengthen relationship

    With our busy schedules and excess of technology, it is extremely hard to keep the relationship rock solid. While apps have provided us many interesting ways to express love, ladies still want the good ol’ romance. Today we will be sharing with you 7 practical and easy ways to strengthen …

  • Top 5 Symptoms of Emotional Betrayal

    A relationship or a marriage can face some obvious ups and downs. While physical cheating is a definite relationship ender, there are other signs you must watch out for – signs that your partner is emotionally cheating on you. If you don’t put these signs on your radar, you may …

  • 10 lessons a false friend teaches you


    The day we start stepping out of our homes, we get introduced to the term “friends” and gradually learn what friendship is. Through our growing stages of life, we make many friends, who – among all other factors such as parents, studies, and games – play an equally vital …

  • 5 tips to make your relationship sparkling

    Make Your Relationship Sparkling

    What happens when the courtship period gets over? Why suddenly you feel the thrill of romance fading? Little efforts on your part can keep your relationship sparkling.

    1. Build on the romance of the early days

    The days of the dating period are filled with exuberance, merriment and romance. …

  • Man – Social animal or social media animal?

    Man - Social Animal or Social Media Animal

    Chances are that you might be reading this article on your cell phone. Internet has blended well with the large screens of the smart phones, making even computers outmoded. But it gets bad when only this gadget in your hands becomes your friend, putting other friends and relations in …