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  • 13 thoughts before the year ends

    New Year's Resolutions

    December, the last month of a year, has arrived, bringing with it some excitement, some nervousness, and of course, chilling cold. But, forget celebration, most of you will just keep looking back at how the time flew by and what all you did the whole year. You may end …

  • 13 things you face in a joint family


    We can’t live without our family, neither can our family live without us. That bond is inexplicable. In good and in bad, we know that come what may, our family will be with us. And especially when you live in a joint family, you know that it’s a lot …

  • 13 things a chatty friend makes you face


    Think about him or her and… Blah! Blah! Blah! What strikes your mind? If he or she is that talkative and you are happily listening to their views and stories all the time, you are worth being appreciated and you will know how these points aptly relate to you. …

  • 12 things you face due to your sarcastic best friend

    12 Things You Face Due To Your Sarcastic Best Friend

    If you have a friend who laughs at you all the time, you are lucky. If this friend of yours finds almost everything about you or others as funny, you must admire her sense of humor. If you find her habit of pulling your leg in public as disgusting …

  • 12 things you experience on Facebook timeline in your 20s

    12 Things You Experience On Facebook Timeline in Your 20s

    It started with the now obsolete social networking site Orkut, but thanks to Mark Zuckerberg who brought to us Facebook. Facebook, more often known as FB has let us have the best social networking experience ever with its dynamically happening timeline.

    It no more matters if we are concerned …

  • 12 signs that you are a grammar Nazi

    12 Signs That You Are A Grammar Nazi

    Do you often interrupt people while they are talking just to correct their grammar? Believe it or not, you’ve already become a grammar Nazi.

    A grammar Nazi is a person who cannot resist correcting improper grammar being spoken by anyone around them. Most of the online platforms, including Microsoft …

  • 12 amazing reasons to love radio

    12 Amazing Reasons To Love Radio

    Though, the introduction and dramatic success of TV and internet initially made it skeptical if radio could stay alive alongside these. With time and evolution of technology, even radio progressed. It has continued to be a most-listened to and loved source of entertainment till date for a majority of …