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  • 10 idyllic moments a book lover experiences

    A portrait of a mixed race college student studying at campus

    Someone great said, “Books are your best friends with no complaints and no demands.” Reading books can be a hobby or a requirement but it is always rejuvenating to read a book. Books let you enter a whole new world and enjoy your own self. Sometimes, you don’t feel …

  • 10 reasons why we loved ‘Small Wonder’

    10 Reasons Why We Loved Small Wonder

    Indians are incredible, especially if you talk about entertainment. Be it an Indian show or a foreign series, Indians will not leave any opportunity to enjoy to the core. In fact, they get obsessed with daily soaps. We all have watched FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother? LEGGGEN…DARYYYY!! Isn’t

  • 10 reasons women love bearded men

    10 Reasons Women Love Bearded Men

    Yes, you heard it right. Men with beard make women love them. And don’t act so innocent. Even you must have found them sexy and sizzling with beard (in their rough-tough look). Trimmed or fully grown, the beard makes them ooze a dirty feeling in any attire.

    10 pretty …

  • 11 things a man faces in India

    11 Things A Man Faces In India

    India is a male-dominated society (as largely heard and seen), but has anyone heeded the hidden facet of this country’s culture? Looking at the larger picture, there is much more to just women exploitation and violence against women. No matter if you think so or not, men too face …

  • 11 things today’s kids will never experience

    11 Things Today's Kids Will Never Experience

    Every generation somehow experiences things differently. Like what our mothers and fathers came through was different from what we went through, and what today’s kids are experiencing is different from what we did. Being 90’s kids, we understand how awesome our childhood was. Seeing today’s kids, we can clearly …

  • 13 Hollywood celebrities who quit alcohol and drugs

    The lives of the famed stars often gravitate towards the habit of consuming alcohol and drugs. There are numerous stories of celebrities who have had constant issues with alcohol or drugs. Some celebrities take alcohol to ease their stress while some want to flaunt a style out of it. But …

  • 10 celebrities who quit Hollywood for a new career

    Acting is not similar to other professions. Here some individuals keep on working till they enter into their 70s and 80s. Any other industry would have made them give up work by then. But some celebs willingly select to retire at a certain point in their careers. Meet these ten …

  • 5 must-watch Hollywood flicks

    Every year tons of movies are released in Hollywood. So, it’s not an easy act to narrow ages of wonderful Hollywood movies into a single top 5 list. To help those who are seeking the top-rated Hollywood movies, we have accumulated a list of 5 all-time hits.

    Top five classic

  • 10 top earners in bollywood

    Bollywood, as the Indian film industry is commonly called, is the headquarters of top celebrity earners in India. The actors and the actresses are idolized not just for their roles, but for their brands also which they endorse. The money that these stars of Tinsletown get from their brand endorsements …

  • Shah Rukh Censured For Dancing With Female Cop On Duty

    She danced with Shah Rukh Khan in her uniform during an eventand both are now receiving huge criticism from politicians for the same. She is a police woman, named Sampa Haldar, who was found tapping her foot with SRK in Kolkata on one of the songs of Jab Tak Hai …