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  • 5 brain facts to market convincingly

    Social engineering concept

    One field of marketing research is neuromarketing that includes study of cognitive and emotional response of the consumers to marketing stimuli. Apart from our conscious awareness, neuromarketing heeds the huge blind-spot of humans and influences psychological trends to help us make some particular decisions.

    5 neuromarketing strategies that will …

  • 10 most interesting business personalities of 2014

    Among the commons, there are some extraordinary personalities who out of thin air come up with incredible things. Among these remarkably great media magnets, 10 such people who brought a significant change in the business world in 2014 have been listed here. Check out these public figures that are stupendously …

  • 10 questions before hiring an SEO firm

    10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Firm

    Hiring an SEO firm is challenging, for most entrepreneurs have often been seen ending up getting disappointed.
    Perfection may hardly be expected from even the best of us. But, some of us are definitely better in terms of varied things as compared to others. So, it’s better not to …

  • 3 tips to best manage your energy

    3 Tips To Best Manage Your Energy

    For the many years that you could remember, you are being constantly told to learn the skill of time management. But, are you still not able to manage your time and are failing to make it for your friends and family? Then, it’s definitely a matter of concern for …

  • 3 tips to create a promising cover letter

    3 Tips To Create A Promising Cover Letter

    Resumes are succinct but cover letters are lengthier, and thus, challenging. Alongside asking you in detail why anyone must give you your desired job, it asks you to show your writing skills – whether or not you have it in you. And therefore, it may seem a little exasperating …

  • 3 tips to create an impressive online portfolio

    3 Tips To Create An Impressive Online Portfolio

    Any creative field always demands an Online Portfolio. Maybe you are a graphic designer or a writer or a photographer, you will need to create an online portfolio that leaves a lasting mark on potential employers.

    Even if your profession is not creative, you can still create an online …

  • 5 career-killer behaviors you must avoid

    5 Career-Killer Behaviors You Must Avoid

    The Jack Welch Management Institution’s Executive Chairman and former CEO of GE, Jack Welch, says that if you are going unproductive at work without intending to do it, it’s high time you look into yourself and find out where you making a mistake.

    If you are realizing your career …