10 tips to become a fashion expert

By on January 23, 2015

10 Tips to Become a Fashion Expert


Are you enamored by the sight of fashionable stars? You must have followed their styles behind closed doors. Do you now want to create a niche for yourself by displaying your trendy styles? But you must be confused and anxious to craft your own style. But it is not so difficult or scary to become a fashion expert. What separates you from the fashionable people? Just one thing distinguishes you from them and that is confidence. The people that you see walking with poise and style on the ramp floors were simple people like us before they decided to convert their dreams into reality. So you too can join their league by keeping certain things in mind.

1. Know how fashion has developed with time

You must be aware of the development that has taken place in the field of fashion and how it developed over time. The pattern of the clothing that we wear now was different in the past. The fashion designers have been creating new trends with each passing day. Delve into the history of fashion and try to figure out the golden rules that have stood the test of time.

2. Connect yourself with newest trends

Hook up to fashion magazines to get a glimpse of the current trends. Magazines like Fashion World, Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Fashion etc. will help you a lot in knowing the intricacies of fashion. Try to figure out why some of the styles are making it big. Investment made in the research never goes waste.

3. Get accustomed to fashion language

Fashion has its own language, in words and in style. You must know the idioms of fashion. It means you have to be familiar with the fashion vocabulary. Study online to gain more knowledge. But don’t try to bombard others with heavy vocabulary. Keep things simple.

4. Craft your fashion periodical

Make sketches of designs of clothes and paste them on your own fashion diary. Draw a variety of outfits to suit the sizes of different set of people. While creating designs ensure in your mind different body sizes and shapes.

5. Your collection of clothes should be distinctive

Buy clothes that are fit and comfortable to wear. Oversized or tight clothing won’t make you look good. You should feel confident and not itchy in your clothes.

6. Always check your wardrobe before buying anything new

Sometimes the dress you want to purchase might be languishing in dark corners of your cupboard. Some of the dresses can be altered from the tailor to get them a pioneering look. At times old stuff, when reworked, recreates the magic of the past.

7. Accessories add color and dash to your persona

You can augment your look by wearing accessories like scarves, beads, goggles, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. But these should compliment your outfits and you should not feel awkward or uncomfortable wearing it.

8. Have gumption to wear unusual outfits

Try out different clothing; a diverse pattern of colors, different form of cloth and so on. Experiment with your style of wearing. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

9. Go for quality

Invest in top-rate quality clothing that fits well. The color of the clothing should not fade after every wash.

10. Be an innovator

Create your own style. Start as a follower, but gradually become a trendsetter. Have faith on your dressing sense and wear those outfits only which ooze confidence in you.

She is an author at askebuddy. She holds a master degree in journalism. Creativity is her forte, she is always in search of new things, and she is a free spirit.

Kanchan Wadhawan

She is an author at askebuddy. She holds a master degree in journalism. Creativity is her forte, she is always in search of new things, and she is a free spirit.